Reviews of my projects. On my biography of Hans Scholl, Hoffmann & Campe 2012


“… the tonality of her book is so gentle and written in such beautiful language that one feels compelled to read it again many times over. The author has mastered the balancing act between meeting readers where they are and refraining from patronising us or imposing herself.

Instead, the focus is consistently on Hans Scholl, a man for whom we mourn in the end – not because he is the kind of person for whom one has to mourn, but because we have known him.”

Charlotte Lyne, author and translator, London 


“It’s a fast-paced, even addictive book of a good literary standard, and it is based on many of Scholl’s personal testimonies from the Institut für Zeitgeschichte in Munich, documents which have only recently become accessible. The life that is shown by Ellermeier is a close-up. It almost seems as though she had followed Hans Scholl with a camera, plotting his development from his early years as a Hitler youth leader and mystical nationalist dreamer to his combat against Nazism, motivated by his strong Christian faith.”

Süddeutsche Zeitung, 1 June 2012


“… Her narrative style is in many ways reminiscent of a script for an exciting radio play…”

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 16 July 2012


“Barbara Ellermeier combines quotations from letters, diaries and leaflets with information from official files and contemporary testimonies into a condensed description of a life that was short and driven.

At the end, the book turns into a thriller in which we read about the final activities of the group, and the author switches between Gestapo interrogation transcripts, lines from leaflets and extracts from Goebbels’ speech on ‘total war’, moving back and forth between the perspectives of the resistance fighters and those pursuing them.”

Der Tagesspiegel, 24 September 2012

Dr. Barbara Ellermeier Sophie Scholl LESEN IST FREIHEIT 978-3-96340-030-8